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Club Culture

DJ Pages
DJ Loverboy .. for all you "What's up, mutherfuckers???"
Mixin Marc .. for all you clubheadz


Club Planet .. a pretty cool listing of US clubs...
Crobar Chicago .. one of the better clubs here in the city...
The Rave Network .. massive site that overs the rave scene around the world .. one of the best forums...
Trance Addict .. a good listing of what's new and hot
Trance Energy .. a decent site out of Germany


Audiogalaxy  ..  the best place  to locate  those hard-to-find tracks..
KaZaA ..  one of the more popular download programs..
Morpheus .. almost identical to KaZaA ..

Online Record Stores

Moonshine  .. a nice place to fine trance mixes..
Tunnel America ..  some of the best Trance compiliation CD's..

Streaming Sites
BBC Radio  .. A nice collection of Trance tunes..
Club Buddha .. The Writing Buddha's station (some nice Trance mixes)..
DJ Doboy .. some good mixes..
Digitally Imported .. one of the better streaming sites...
Ministry of Sound .. the UK's biggest dance  station..